How to Publish Your Own Austin Guidebook

Do you consider yourself to be a diehard Austin resident who knows the city better than any other local? If you also happen to have a love for writing, self-publishing your own Austin guidebook could be a smart career move.

What It Takes to Write a Stellar Guidebook

If you?re going to take the time to write and self-publish an Austin guidebook, you want to know that your travel book will sell and sell well.

Before you consider publication, it?s time to determine if you have what it takes to write a popular guidebook for Austin visitors:

  1. Can you offer a different perspective? When writing a guidebook, it?s key to write what you know. In the great city of Austin, you could write a guide on any topic based on your own unique perspective. While there may be a number of general Austin guidebooks on the market, you could write an insider?s guide to the best college dive bars near UT, for example.
  2. Do you have a target audience? To stick with the example above, if you?re writing a guidebook on the best college dive bars near the University of Texas, then college students will be your target audience. People most likely to buy your book may include local and visiting college students that want to check out a different Austin scene.
  3. Have you researched your competition? If a book on the same topic already exists, you may have to move on to a different guidebook genre. Researching your competition will tell you if people are interested in buying bar-themed guidebooks and if the market is oversaturated.

Expert Self-Publishing Tips to Get Your Book to Press

Once your book is complete, the hard work isn?t done just yet. You can use these publishing industry tips to successfully print your Austin guidebook:

  1. Get feedback before you publish. If you?re new to the writing game, it may be worthwhile to hand over your work to a professional editor for a fee. If you?re confident in your writing ability, at the very least, ask friends, family, and members of your writing group for their critique.
  2. Set up an accompanying blog. The best way to promote a self-published book is through social media. You can start a blog on your same topic to keep readers interested and coming back for more.
  3. Don?t forget cover design. Even within e-book self-publishing, cover design is important to attract a reader?s attention. It?s worthwhile to hire a skilled graphic designer or photographer to capture the perfect shot for your book cover.